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Beautiful, sustainable, organic cotton dishcloths (and more)

Get clean with style

Kitchen cloths that keep clean and look great!

Have you ever noticed that dishcloths get smelly really quickly? It’s not something we think about … until we get a whiff! 

Cleaning’s enough of a chore without having to put up with grungy-looking synthetic cloths that get manky fast and just end up in landfills.  

We believe it’s the little things that create the greatest joy.

Using manky dish cloths is not one of them!

Ecovask; Super-absorbent (tick), Easy to use (tick), Sustainable (tick)

I had a passionate dislike for the dishcloths we would buy from supermarkets. 

I disliked how they felt. I disliked how they looked. I disliked how manky they got with each wash. 

But I also really disliked, and struggled, with the 'waste' of having to always buy new cloths and the thought of adding more rubbish to our landfills.

It turns out, our grandparents had the secret all along! We've just made them better ><

✔ Organic cotton, earth friendly dishcloths

✔ Stylishly coloured with non-toxic dyes

✔ Biodegradable

✔ Washing machine and dryer-friendly

✔ Long-lasting

✔ Hypoallergenic

✔ Sustainable and waste free

"Totally love these cloths, amazing quality and they rinse out so easy! I love I don't have to ever buy throw-away ones! Hand towels are fantastic too" 

- Becky

“Love these cloths! I’m never going back to smelly synthetic cloths! These clean nicely and don’t smell – plus they have pretty colours”  

– Sophia

New Product Alert!

Fruit Fly Trap

Are fruit flies driving you crazy in your kitchen? Restore peace and get rid of these pests with the KONNA indoor fruit fly trap. It is designed to attract and trap fruit flies while also adding something nice to your kitchen countertop.

Visit product listing to see recipe options for use

Not just the best dishcloths ever

Now, we manufacture our own organic cotton products and sell them online and to local retail stores.

And it’s not just dishcloths. 

It’s all kinds of cloths and towels as well as accessories that help make cleaning a more enjoyable, more environmentally friendly, and more stylish activity!


"I have been looking for years for a decent cloth. They are wonderful. Never thought I’d get so excited about dishcloths!!! Super absorbent, good size and come in a range of great colours." 

- Wendy

"I love my cloths!!! Pink for the bathroom, teal and green range of colours for the kitchen in my house! My cloths must be close to two years old and now and still totally functional"

 - Helen

Can You Help Us Help Kiwi Families In Need?

The Nest Collective provides baby and children’s essentials to families in need in Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

For every Ecovask purchase, you can choose to add a donation through Go Generosity to our charity partner, the Nest Collective. 

Every donation made by you is matched by us and goes towards providing baby blankets and wash cloths for packs that include essentials for the first year as a Kiwi.

It's Simple To Pay-It-Forward

  1. Add you Ecovask products to your shopping cart.

  2. Go to the checkout.

  3. Select your $1, $2 or $5 donation from the green box

Don’t throw money away on disposable cloths ever again!

Feel good about your cleaning choices without having to compromise on style, quality or performance. 

Maybe you’ve tried other cotton cloths but they just push water around without mopping it up. 

Our cloths for kitchen, face and body, are all super-absorbent.


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Sustainable cleaning cloths that work, and don’t smell yuk make life just that little bit more enjoyable!

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