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Stock the dishcloths your customers will love

“We’re very proud to be stocking a brand such as Ecovask in our store, with high-quality products that are planet-friendly and loved by our customers. Led by a woman who is extremely passionate about her business, very proactive and always helpful, it‘s a joy to be one of Ecovask’s stockists”

Louis Scrivener – Chef’s Complements, Taupo

Stunning, practical, sustainable organic knitted cloths

When you want to reach more customers and get repeat buyers, Ecovask provides the perfect range of kitchen and bathroom cloths and accessories.

Meaningful relationships are important in business

That’s why we value building real connections with both our wholesale partners and our customers. 

So we can understand what you value and how we can respond to your needs.

Innovative sustainability

Environmentally friendly options are important to many shoppers. 

We love solving everyday problems (like manky, stinky dishcloths) that can change the game for both the environment and your customers. 

All our textiles are made using certified organic products and made in India, where best practice manufacturing and employment standards are applied.

Colour inspires your customer

Neutrals look great, but what makes people smile are bold, vibrant, inspiring colour pops. 

We’ve researched our customers extensively to know what they like. 

We provide a vast colour palette to entice your customers based on our research on our colour trends.

✔ Organic cotton sustainably made dishcloths

✔ Stylishly coloured with non-toxic dyes

✔ 100% biodegradable

✔ Washing machine and dryer-friendly

✔ Long-lasting 

✔ Super-absorbent

✔ Stone and stainless steel-friendly

✔ Great for sensitive skin

Hi, I’m Viv.

I think everyone’s experienced that yuk-factor when you’ve picked up a damp, smelly dishcloth and had to use it to wipe up a spill or wash your dishes. 

My dislike of using manky dishcloths started an incredible journey. 

After years of selling at local markets and online, I now collaborate with retail customers to provide them with beautiful, organic cotton cloths that their customers will love. 

Combining our love of style, sustainability, quality and colour creates a way to bring a sense of joy into every kitchen and bathroom.

Wholesale Organic Cloths & More

Give your customers more of what they’re looking for

1. Introduce yourselves

email us at introducing yourself and your business and share with us why you think our products will be a great fit.

2. Decide what your customers will love.

Once approved, we will set you up with an online wholesale account where you can scroll through our latest products, colours and availability.

3. Placing orders

Once you have placed your order and payment is confirmed, your order should arrive within 3-4 working days to delight your shoppers. 

What’s your minimum order value (and other questions you might have)

What’s the minimum order?
Our minimum order is $250. We don’t have a minimum stock order, but we do recommend that you stock a minimum of 4 units of each colour you choose to create visual impact and visibility in your store. 

What are your payment terms?
Initially, orders are strictly pro forma with payment required prior to the shipment of goods. On account applications will be considered after an initial trial period. We can accept credit card payments for pro forma invoices with a 2.5% merchant fee.

How do I place orders?
When you log in to your wholesale account by clicking here.  You’ll be able to see new stock, check stock availability and see our latest seasonal colour ranges. Orders can be placed through your wholesale account. 

How long does delivery take?
From the date the order was placed and payment confirmed, your order should arrive within 3-5 working days. 

Ecovask Current Wholesale range

Set up your wholesale page and view the complete wholesale catalogue


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