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How do I change the brush head on the dish brush?

Instructions for assembling or changing the Nature Soft dish brush head

  • Pinch steel prongs together and ease silicone several inches down the handle.
  • Holding the brush handle with steel prongs angled up, hold brush head (wood side up) and place grooved edge of the brush head against inside edge of curved steel prong. Ease second prong over the top of the brush head to secure into groove around the wooden head.
  • Gently pinch steel prongs together at the neck of the brush head and ease silicone back up the handle to secure.
  • We recommend cleaning inside the silicon handle once in a while. To do this, remove stainless steel piece and use straw cleaning brush to remove any build up from the silicon sleeve.

How do I wash my cloths?

The simplest way to care for your cloths is to wash them in the washing machine with a hot wash (maximum 65 degrees Celcius). 

I will use a cloth for 2-3 days and then hang it in the laundry to dry until I'm ready to wash all our  towels in the weekend which I do at about 40 degrees Celcius. I am guilty of using the dryer for towels to help retain their softness - your cloths will be fine going through the dryer.

If you use a cold wash or want extra sterilisation, then I would recommend soaking your cloths in a water vinegar and water solution. I have even had customers telling me they put them wet into the microwave and heat for 1 minute. 

Can I wash my cloths in the dishwasher?

While technically you can put your cloths in the dishwasher, we don't recommend washing your cloths this way as you will find the cloths absorb a lot of the dirty water going through the cycle. 

We actually experimented with this and purchased an eco-friendly cloth from the supermarket that advises washing their cloths in the dishwasher. We put the new cloth in with our regular dishwasher cycle and was shocked when it came out stained and dirty. And the water we then rung from the cloth was very murky. 

Our recommendation is to wash your cloths in your washing machine in a regular cycle with water temperature up to 65 degrees Celsius. 

How absorbent are the cloths?

Our cloths are very absorbent and will soak up water spills easily. However they are not a sponge so will not hold as much water as other cloths so will need wringing out more often.

Obviously the dryer the cloth, the more effective they are on stone bench tops or stainless steel surfaces. 

For bet results when cleaning stone bench tops or stainless steel surfaces, I will use a slightly damp cloth or alternatively, spray the surface with my cleaner and take a dry cloth to wipe down the stone surface. This should give you a perfect, smear-free finish.  


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