Vask = 'Wash" in Danish therefore our name Eco-Vask = Eco-Wash

From humble beginnings

I used to HATE the dishcloths we would buy from the supermarkets. I hated how they felt, I hated how they looked, I hated how they smelled, I hated that I was constantly buying new ones and that I was adding more synthetic rubbish to the landfills. Over the years I had tried every type of dishcloth I could find. 

It was only when we were visiting my husband's family in Europe, that I discovered these gorgeous dishcloths. Not only did they FEEL generous and substantial in hand, the colours alone made me smile.  Even better was the fact that they are made from 100% Eco-Tex certified cotton - which essentially means the cotton growing and production process is more environmentally friendly and they are free from a myriad of chemicals often used in the manufacturing process. So we decided to start bringing them into New Zealand and sell through through local markets as a way of teaching our teens about business.


Soon after, our son Max wanted to sign up for a trip to Nepal with World Challenge and a group of kids from school. They would have 19 months to research, plan, and fund raise. We agreed on the proviso that Max put in the effort to earn the money needed. We worked out a weekly target and figured car washes, paper runs, and baby sitting (as a 14 year old) wasn't going to cut it, so decided to ramp up our market attendance and created a website - up on the proviso that Max was all in too. 

And that's what we did. 

Needless to say, in January of this year, Max enjoyed an incredible, life changing three weeks in Nepal with 15 other students.  A few pictures of their trip are posted below.

For everyone who has supported our business over this time - THANK YOU! 

In the meantime, we have been blown away by the wonderful feedback and love we have received as our community of customers has continued to grow.  

These are our original cloths that we have been using now for two years.

Your support for our little business is what helped Max get to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Scroll down to see some picture below.


If you have any questions, feel free to email us at or call Viv on +64 21 489 850 

The pictures below are from Max's trip with World Challenge to Nepal.


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