Ecovask has been a labour of love (literally!).

I had a passionate dislike the dishcloths we would buy from supermarkets. I disliked how they felt. I disliked how they looked. I disliked how manky they got with each wash. But I also really disliked, and struggled, with the 'waste' of having to always buy new cloths and the thought of adding more rubbish to our landfills. 

I was always on the lookout for different dish cloths, and that's when on a trip to Europe, I discovered and fell in love with knitted cotton dishcloths. Not only were they absorbent, super functional and easy care, they looked beautiful, felt great to use, and ultimately lasted for years, saved money and didn't add to our landfills.

While we initially started selling the Danish brand 'Solwang' in 2016 as a way to teach our kids about the business of earning money, it soon became a labour of love over a couple of years to help our son fundraise for a life changing trip to Nepal with his school and World Challenge (a youth expedition company). A trip that he enjoyed in January 2020 (you can see photos from his trip below).

Unfortunately, in 2020 with the world in turmoil, it became unsustainable for us to continue to import and sell Solwang's branded cloths. But we're excited for a new chapter and to now be in a position where we are manufacturing our own products and being able to extend them to New Zealand retailers.  

We thank those of you who have supported us on this journey and look forward to seeing where it takes us next. 



Information regarding wholesale can be found here

The pictures below are from Max's trip with World Challenge to Nepal.

This is really how our journey began. Helping our son earn the money needed to do this trip :) 


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