In 2018, our son Max decided to sign up for a trip to Nepal with World Challenge and his school which required 19 months of research, planning, and fundraising a significant amount of money. We agreed on the proviso that Max put in the effort to earn the money needed. That meant ramping up this little business and going to markets every weekend. And that's what we did. 

Needless to say, in January of 2020, Max enjoyed an incredible, life changing three weeks in Nepal with 15 other students. It was an incredible experience for them as you can see from a few pictures of their trip posted below.

Obviously it was not long after this that our world changed. With little demand for the consulting world, I devoted my time to taking ecovask online. As a result, we have received amazing feedback and steady requests from retailers wanting to stock these beautiful products in store. 

So we're excited to be entering a new chapter as we grow our offerings and start to see our products in retailers around New Zealand over the coming months.

Thank you for taking an interest in our boutique business supplying beautiful eco kitchenware and more!

I'm Viv and Ecovask has been a labour of love (literally!).

I had a passionate dislike the dishcloths we would buy from supermarkets. I disliked how they felt. I disliked how they looked. I disliked how manky they got with each wash. But I also really disliked, and struggled, with the 'waste' of having to always buy new cloths and the thought of adding more rubbish to our landfills. Over the years I had tried every type of dishcloth I could find. 

In 2016 I discovered some beautiful knitted dish cloths. Not only did they feel amazing, they were gorgeous too.  I had to try them and have never looked back.  

Everyone was soon confirming what we thought so we decided to start selling them at local markets as a way to share the love while also teaching our kids about working, business and money.    



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The pictures below are from Max's trip with World Challenge to Nepal.


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