Beautiful cotton cloths that are the perfect alternative to the disposable synthetic dishcloths

Absorbent & Versatile

Great for washing dishes, wiping up spills and cleaning all surfaces in your home.

Granite, stainless steel, glass and wood surfaces as well as coffee machines, kitchen appliances and more. 

They even make a fantastic face and hand cloth for mucky eaters


100% biodegradable. Made from organic cotton and coloured with non-toxic dyes. 

Ecovask knitted dishcloths contain zero risk of microplastic contamination, so won’t harm our precious waterways. 

Made from Global Organic Textile Standard cotton. 


You can enjoy our #bestdishclothsever for at least 18 months. Many of the cloths are still doing their job at 2 years or more! 

And that’s even with being in the washing machine and tumble drier!

And when you’re done they’re even bio-degradable.

How to take care of your knitted dishcloth

Knitted dishcloths aren’t the same as disposable cloths or sponges.

Here’s how we suggest you make the most of your #bestdishclothsever

Rinse and hang to dry in your sink after use

After you’ve done the dishes, rinse your Ecovask dishcloth in clean water, squeeze out and hang it to dry in your sink.

Look super-stylish and make life easier by using one of these dishcloth sink holders

Wash them every 2-3 days

Then throw them in with your tea towels for a wash. 

A hot wash is best (no more than 65 degrees Celcius). 

If you’re using a cold wash, soak them in water and 1 tsp vinegar for half an hour before washing them. Or put wet dishcloths in the microwave for 1 minute to kill any bacteria. 

Don’t wash your dishcloths in the dishwasher (they end up holding the dirty dishwater).

Make sure they’re dry

After washing, make sure you dry them. On the line or in the tumble drier. Yes, they’ll survive the tumble drier perfectly!

Using a tumble dryer to dry your cloths will keep them soft. 

If you’re drying them on a line, hang them by folding them in the middle rather than pegging the corners (it helps keep the shape).  Or dry them inside over a heated towel rail. 

How to use your knitted dishcloth

Wiping up spills

There’s nothing more annoying than going to mop up a spill just to find your cloth isn’t actually mopping it up. It’s just moving it around the surface!

Ecovask dishcloths are very (very) absorbent and soak up spills easily. Remember though, they’re not a sponge so you’ll have to squeeze them out more often. 

Dry cloths are the most absorbent, so it's a good idea to have a spare cloth or two in the drawer waiting to be used.

Washing dishes

Just use your natural dishcloth as you would any other dishcloth. 

Or stand by while you watch someone else do the dishes for you! (dream)

Cleaning appliances & bench tops

For best results when cleaning stone bench tops or stainless steel surfaces, I use a slightly damp cloth or alternatively, spray the surface with your favourite cleaner. 

Then take a dry cloth to wipe down the stone surface. This should give you a perfect, smear-free finish.  

Mopping up mucky eaters!

Dry or damp, Ecovask #bestdishclothsever is fantastic at mopping up the mouths (chin, cheeks and hands) of enthusiastic eaters! 

They’re soft and pliable so won’t scratch sensitive skin. 

Great-quality organic cotton dishcloths

Ecovask cloths are made using the best quality certified organic yarns and are manufactured to our design by a company in India that ensures ethical working conditions. We bring them to New Zealand and package locally. If for whatever reason you’re not happy, return them within 14 days for a refund.

"I love the beautiful dishcloths I bought from you recently. They are so lovely and soft and feel like a real quality product. I can’t wait to order more beautiful colours in the future!  All packaged so beautifully too, thank you" 

- Kate

"I just love these cloths! They're easy-care, wash up well, dry quickly and look good. Great as gifts, my friends have loved them as well" - Vanessa

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