From my heart to yours

As we move into day ten of the Covid19 lock down, I wanted to reach out and say a massive thank you to you, our customers, for your ongoing support as we hold our breath through these uncertain times. It has certainly been a massive blow and quite stressful for a small business such as ours, just as we were on the cusp of expanding our reach to play bigger through events such as Fields Days and Go Green Expos. 

You might be aware, we are not currently allowed to utilise courier services. As a home based business, we can still take and process online orders, but can only dispatch them once courier services have been restored to normal.  Hopefully this is only a couple of weeks away. 

I just wanted to assure you, we have product aplenty! 

For those of you able to support us by continuing to place orders, I am eternally grateful. While we are a home based business, cash flow for any business is still needed in order to cover recurring business expenses. Unfortunately these don't go away. 

Thanks again for your love and support. I hope you are finding time to enjoy some quality 'you' time, e-connecting with friends and family, and your homes. 

Aroha nui, 




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