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Unveiling India's Manufacturing Excellence

We’re often asked about the manufacturing practices in India including their position on child labour.From our perspective, environmental sustainability and worker welfare are of critical importance and sit at the heart of our values. It is why we only use certified organic cotton in our products.  India is renowned as a global hub for sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices, particularly in the textile industry. Among the various certifications that validate these efforts, the Gl...

November 27, 2023

The eco alternative

Do you ever struggle with a bad conscience when using disposable sing-use cotton pads? You're not alone! It is something we often hear from customers who are delighted to find a guilt free solution and it is what drove me to create our Reusable Organic Cotton Makeup Pads three years ago.With a teenage daughter in the house, I was shocked at how many disposable pads she was going through on a weekly basis. Something that didn’t sit well with me from an environmental waste perspective, nor my wa...

July 23, 2023


When you have a claim #bestdishclothsever you better be able to back it up right. The reason we use this hash tag, is because that is the comment we hear time and time again from very happy customers. And yes, like everything, it's subjective but here are a few of the reasons why people love our cloths.They don't smell! Obviously there is a care factor here. But if you rinse out your cloths after use and hang them to dry in your sink, and wash every few days, then they really don't get...

April 16, 2023

The Dishcloth Lady

I never forget that feeling when we were proudly showing off our new kitchen to some close friends visiting from Europe, when I noticed our manky disposable dishcloth hanging in all its shabby glory across our tap (as you do right..).I was so embarrassed.  My aversion to filling landfills didn't help and it was definitely past its prime.  A few weeks later, we were surprised, and of course delighted, to receive the ingenious HAPPY SiNKS Magnetic Cloth Holder from our wonderful fri...

April 16, 2023

The Organic Difference

As a brand ecovask® places strong emphasis on the fact our products are made from organic cotton.  With environmental sustainability one of our core values, the choice to use organic cotton was a no brainer. And while the benefits start with environment, the subsequent humanitarian impact was equally of importance.When we started exploring the manufacturing process in 2020, we were shocked to learn just how bad conventional cotton farming was both for the environment and those involved in ...

April 16, 2023

Assembly Instructions

Pinch steel prongs together at base of brush head and ease silicone several inches down the handle to release brush head. Holding the brush handle with steel prongs angled up, hold brush head (wood side up) and place grooved edge of the brush head against inside edge of curved steel prong. Ease second prong over the top of the brush head to secure into groove around the wooden head. Gently pinch steel prongs together at the neck of the brush head and ease silicone back up the handle to secure....

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