When was the last time you cringed as you picked up a slimy, damp dishcloth?

And take an extra 10 points if it was the cloth you use in the shower!

Stinky dishcloths aren’t something that rate high on the radar for most people. It’s just one of life’s inconveniences. 

But the thought of cleaning dishes, your face or your body with something that contains that smell and slime?! No thanks! 

You don’t need to settle for manky cloths - dishcloths, face cloths, body-washing cloths or kitchen towels. 

Evovask - Super-absorbent (tick), easy to use (tick), sustainable (tick)

I think everyone’s experienced that yuk-factor when you’ve picked up a damp, smelly dishcloth. 

And had to use it to wipe up a spill or wash your dishes. 

I had a passionate dislike for the dishcloths we would buy from supermarkets. 

I disliked how they felt. 

I disliked how they looked. 

I disliked how manky they got with each wash. 

But I also really disliked, and struggled, with the 'waste' of having to always buy new cloths and the thought of adding more rubbish to our landfills.

Sparking joy in your daily chores!

It was on a trip to Europe that I discovered and fell in love with knitted dishcloths. 

And found they were;

  • Absorbent
  • Super-functional
  • Easy to care for
  • Beautiful
  • Felt great to use
  • Lasted for years
  • Saved money
  • Reduced landfill waste.

Not just the best dishcloths ever

Now, we manufacture our own Ecovask organic cotton products and sell them online and to local retail stores.

And it’s not just dishcloths. 

It’s all kinds of cloths and accessories that help make cleaning a more enjoyable, more environmentally friendly, and more stylish activity!

"I love these cloths, they wash well and look good as new, retain their size. They clean all surfaces really well and have replaced all other cloths in this household". 
- Kirsteen

"I have a set of 3 of these amazing cloths. After using them for the past 20 months you would think they are still brand new! I haven't had to purchase anything disposable since.”

We initially started selling knitted dishcloths in 2016 as a way to teach our kids about the business of earning money. 

But it soon became a labour of love over a couple of years to help our son fundraise for a life-changing trip to Nepal with his school and World Challenge (a youth expedition company).

Because life’s too short for manky dishcloths (in our humble opinion)


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